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People join Unlimited Learning for the learning opportunities and stay for the friendships and relationships they make. UL hopes to provide provocative learning opportunities, create feeling of vitality and great social connections.  We seek to provide for social opportunities to learn while having fun.

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Winter/Spring 2019

May 14th:The Republican Party has dominated Minnesota’s politics for much of the state's history. Today's party, though, is very different from
the progressive Republican Party that came to power with Harold
Stassen in 1938, had its heyday in the middle of the twentieth
century, and faded into near-obscurity by the 1990s. But from the
ideas and ideals of that dynamic political movement sprang modern
Minnesota's success story. Minnesota Republicans held that working
across the aisle was a mark of strength, not of weakness or disloyalty.

Senator Dave Durenberger grew up in and helped build that party.
He will explain how Minnesota's progressive Republicans earned
voters' trust and delivered on their promises—and how progressive
ideas fell out of favor when an increasingly anti-government, antitax
national party shifted Minnesota Republican thinking to the right.
In the ensuing partisan realignment, both the Republican and the
Democratic parties have lost public trust. With eloquence and
insight, Durenberger argues that the principles and practices of
progressive Republicanism are a fitting remedy for what ails
American democracy today

May 10th &17:  Two Fridays with Robert Jahnke, film professor emeritus, who leads the discussion after viewing two hand picked films that remain top secret until May 11.  Surely there will be complex characters and themes of challenges in old age. 11:00 am-3:00 pm, Heartwood Senior Living. Small fee (to be determined).

June 11th:  The most magical bird in the world: the Common Loon.  Mournful, majestic and mysterious!  Dr. Wefald, historian emeritus and chancellor MSU & KSU.

July 9th: Radicalism on the Cuyuna Iron Range: Searching for economic justice.  Pam Brunfelt, political historian emerita, will explain the forces shaping history in the 1930’s when Crosby elected a communist mayor, Karl E. Nygard.

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